Black and White Beaches

The rain and homework have slowed photo taking recently. Guess it’s good to give the camera a rest once in a while, since there are only 150,000 or so actuations for this camera model! Here’s two of those longer actuations, both in black and white with the bottom one treated with a little split-toning for the heck of it.



Sepia Scenes Lofty Ambitions

We were driving through Nebraska on our way from Agate Fossil Beds National Monument and Chimney Rock National Historic Site, heading back towards Scotts Bluff National Monument [all great places to visit, by the way!]  and we happened upon this little cloud.  Someone in the car was hoping to ‘multitask’ on that day and this was an area of unstable air that eventually formed into a storm, but it was heading northeast and out of our way, so we couldn’t chase it.  We got to see fossils, but didn’t get any storm chasing in that day.  There was one bummed meteorologist in the car!

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Just for fun, I’m adding the crooked color version as well!