Birds and Beach

I have managed to pry myself out of the grasp of homework a few times over the past two weeks. Those rare moments can be grouped into three categories: Birds, Beach, and Edisto [which will be the next post].

We’ll start with birds:

We walked the short trails of Patriots Point State ‘Park’ and found an abundance of robins with a smattering of other feathered species.

The Noisy Robins

I’m at a loss on this one…a duck.

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Cedar Waxwing

Yellow-rumped Warbler

And transitioning from birds to beach, here are some birds at the beach:

Double-crested Cormorants


Willet again

Piping Plover [I think the same individual I saw last winter]

And more rare [down here] than the Plover, a Snow Bunting! They aren’t often found on SC beaches. Thanks to BirdChick for the ID.

On to the beach:

Click to enlarge.

And just to prove it hasn’t been cloudy the whole time:

The Yorktown at sunset.

Apologies for the super long post!

Picasa Album:

A Simple Sunset

Two shots from last night’s sunset with the new camera. I caught another photographer catching a “LOLO” [Load-on, Load-off] container ship leaving the lovely port of Charleston. The second has a palmetto log buried in the sand, the same tree was used on nearly the same spot for the earliest version of Fort Moultrie. The palmetto logs absorbed cannon fire very well.

Scenic Sunday

Visit Scenic Sunday!

This is a busy photo of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, but I like how the cannons draw you to the wall which leads you to the dock that ends at the ferry. It’s free to go to the Fort, but unless you have your own boat, you have to ride the ferry, but you can book online! [Spiritline Cruises] What a crazy world we live in!