Thanks for stopping by. This blog has two primary focuses: nature and photographs. I would be happy to answer any question you may have.

Navigating this Blog:

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Often, there are two major reasons people stumble onto this site:

1. You want to know what makes holes in the sand at the beach.  See this post: https://sniehans.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/holes-on-the-beach/

It reveals the little creature that creates the holes that gush water in sand [as well as the pellets] found all over the East Coast [photos are from Charleston, SC].


2. You want to know more about food webs.

Be forewarned, I might not agree with a textbook’s information! I’ve taken an interest in food webs because of programs I’ve given in the past, but I am no expert. Some posts have resulted from this interest:

Difference Between Chains and Webs

Food “Web” Game

If neither option brought you here, feel free to use the search bar to the right to find photography and natural history observations I’ve peppered throughout this blog.

If you find a photo that would suit a use of yours, please go to the “Contact” tab above and we can discuss [educational use, ie class presentations, is free].



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