Beach Break

Well, not literally. Just photo editing-wise. Taking a break from the ‘have-to’ things, I found I am about 4 months [or 972 photos] behind. Two of these beach scenes are from July when it was so much warmer, sunnier, and I was saner [debatable]. Enjoy!

Beach, California, Trinidad, Coastal California Orange Sunset at Trinidad Beach, California Coast Pink glow from sunset along rocky shoreline of Trinidad State Beach

Solitude, but Not Alone

Solitude, but Not Alone

Trying out a new way to post blogs, since I have so much trouble with the wordpress formatter. It will be interesting to see how it pans out with regard to SEO. To me, this manner lets me add more of a personal touch that I can tailor according to how much time I have. Hope you enjoy!

2014-3-29 Houda Point Post