Beach Break

Well, not literally. Just photo editing-wise. Taking a break from the ‘have-to’ things, I found I am about 4 months [or 972 photos] behind. Two of these beach scenes are from July when it was so much warmer, sunnier, and I was saner [debatable]. Enjoy!

Beach, California, Trinidad, Coastal California Orange Sunset at Trinidad Beach, California Coast Pink glow from sunset along rocky shoreline of Trinidad State Beach

4 thoughts on “Beach Break

  1. Very nice. I like the contrast in warmth between the colours in the first two photos.
    The small triangular rock formation in the third photo, if she doesn’t already have one, needs a name and a legend. The way the sunlight touches her right side, she looks like a young First Nations woman with long, straight black hair, sitting on the beach and watching out to sea. What’s her story?

    • I’m sure she has a story, as one of the rocks still carries a native name, but I haven’t heard it yet. Many of the locals call the rock Grandmother Rock (obviously, I shot her youthful side!). I keep digging and see if there’s a story behind her.

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