Church Ruins? Yep, We Have Those!

While watching a show about local churches on ETV, they showed shots of ruins. Doing just a tiny bit of research led us to three easily accessible churches, each with a unique personality. Oddly, the stories of all three are very similar.

Biggin Church Ruins

Parrish Church of Saint John’s, these ruins are just outside Moncks Corner. With only two walls standing, and bricks falling out of those, these ruins aren’t the most unique, but the surrounding cemetery adds some interest. As the historic marker says, this church was built in 1712, burned by a forest fire in 1755, by the British Army in 1781, and again by a forest fire in 1886.

Pon Pon Chapel

Though not a church, the Pon Pon Chapel of Ease is found near Round O. The National Register states that the Chapel was established in 1725 and rebuilt in brick in 1754.  Sometime around 1801 the Chapel burnt, was rebuilt between 1819 to 1822, and again was ruined in 1832. Further damage was done in the 1950s due to a hurricane, after which stabilization was required.  The area is heading toward being overgrown and ironically there is a new interpretive sign propped up against the rusting steel gate.

Old Sheldon Church Ruins

This is by far the most impressive of the three ruins. Built sometime in the mid-1700s, it was burnt during the Revolutionary War. It is debated whether it was burnt by Sherman’s troops or just ransacked and later dismantled by nearby homes and plantations that were in desperate need of building materials after Sherman’s march. In contrast to the English bond style of Biggin and the Flemish bond of Pon Pon, these church ruins are in the Greek Revival style.  The grounds are well-kept, with large oaks looming. The graveyard surround the ruins are still used. There is a yearly service and a very large parking lot on the opposite side of the road.

Photo Gallery

If you visit:

Keep in mind that most of the cemeteries are still used or have members of families that still live nearby. Be respectful.

Mosquitoes are rampant.

The road to Pon Pon is not in best of shape. Drive carefully and watch for large trucks.

Leave everything where you found it. Even if there is a brick on the ground, it belongs on the ground where the church has stood for hundreds of years; not in your pocket or collection.

Driving Directions and More Information:


Pon Pon Chapel


Stay tuned for the fourth ruin, St Helena!

Oh Heavens!

I do apologize!  I missed both Sepia Scenes and Scenic Sunday last week!  But here they BOTH are!

I was travelling with the grandparents and looking for a new place to live in Charleston, SC, and unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to blog anything.  I did find a place and am very excited to relocate.  I’m also very excited for my husband to see the place I’ve been blabbering about for a week now and for the cats to get the space they need.

On to the pictures!  I am sure you can guess what the topic of this post will be, but if you can’t, it’s Charleston! 

Sepia Scenes first, and then Scenic Sunday contributions last but not least!

It was hard to turn this one into sepia just because of the fantastic pink that the building is painted in, but by doing so, you can see the architectural features a little easier.  For more Sepias, visit SEPIA SCENES!

This is a nice one to view in the larger size, and although it’s not as flashy as most of the buildings in Charleston, I do like the calm and clean scene it provides.

  And since I missed last week’s, I’ll throw in a sunset.  Surprise there, eh?! This was taken on Sullivan Island, SC right at Fort Moultrie southeast of Charleston.

 For more Scenic Sunday pictures, click HERE!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy New Year!  Here’s to a great and peaceful year!