Oh Heavens!

I do apologize!  I missed both Sepia Scenes and Scenic Sunday last week!  But here they BOTH are!

I was travelling with the grandparents and looking for a new place to live in Charleston, SC, and unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to blog anything.  I did find a place and am very excited to relocate.  I’m also very excited for my husband to see the place I’ve been blabbering about for a week now and for the cats to get the space they need.

On to the pictures!  I am sure you can guess what the topic of this post will be, but if you can’t, it’s Charleston! 

Sepia Scenes first, and then Scenic Sunday contributions last but not least!

It was hard to turn this one into sepia just because of the fantastic pink that the building is painted in, but by doing so, you can see the architectural features a little easier.  For more Sepias, visit SEPIA SCENES!

This is a nice one to view in the larger size, and although it’s not as flashy as most of the buildings in Charleston, I do like the calm and clean scene it provides.

  And since I missed last week’s, I’ll throw in a sunset.  Surprise there, eh?! This was taken on Sullivan Island, SC right at Fort Moultrie southeast of Charleston.

 For more Scenic Sunday pictures, click HERE!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy New Year!  Here’s to a great and peaceful year!


12 thoughts on “Oh Heavens!

  1. That sepia picture is really interesting. I can’t believe how the two window styles are placed above and below each other. The designer was having a very “creative” moment.

  2. Beautiful scenes! Just found your blog. I follow you already on twitter and didn’t realize you had a blog as well.
    So glad I found it :)
    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for all the comments! Charleston is certainly worth a visit. It is amazing to see all the different styles mixed within one building.

    Hi Kerri! Thanks for finding my blog!

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