A Little Gem

Even though we are not brave enough to venture out on the trail where our ‘incident’ happened nearly a year ago, I still love this park.

Palmetto Islands County Park has something for nearly every interest: horseshoe pit, off-leash dog area, crabbing and fishing docks, kayak launch, observation tower, a very new playground, paddle boats, trails, a water park…I’m really not sure how they fit it all in there!

Their website: Palmetto Islands County Park

Even as jam-packed as this park is, you still get amazing views.

I am grateful that it is so close by, especially days when it is too cold and windy to walk the beach. It’s a lovely respite from homework!

For the Birds: Pickett Bridge Recreation Area

We were told about this area because a coworker of my husband’s likes to do storm photography here.  The place is a little busy and there are a fair amount of dogs, runners, and bikes, but I’ve seen a decent number of birds here, regardless.  

Because of the raised walkway, or more precisely, the fact that it’s a raised road that used to be a bridge to Sullivan’s Island, you can’t get any eye level shots of wading birds unless you are willing to take a slip and sit in the old oyster beds.  It isn’t the largest area to walk around, either, but if you have a half an hour, there are some nice views of the harbor and plenty of birds during low tide. 

[Not pictured below, two oystercatchers and a flock of 20 white ibises that were conveniently there when my camera wasn’t]

Willet wandering. There wasn’t much contrast between it and the water because of the gloomy day.

Tricolored Heron making a splash.  If it caught anything, it was small.

Same Tri looking lovely despite the weather. I observed one canopy foraging as well, but I won’t torture anyone with those shots.  It was too dark and gloomy to get a decent shot without too much noise.

Snowy Egret in action

 Boat-tailed Grackle being a showboat

Hooded Mergansers Bathing

Female Bufflehead without an escort

Great Egret in a muddy world. I thought he’d be a good model to practice photographing white objects on; obviously, I’m still learning.

Tricolored Heron, again, but I find the colors in this one striking

Osprey cruising through. Such long, lovely wings, but I wasn’t ready for him, so he’s a bit blurry.

Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

An egret fight.  Oddly, the Great Blue broke up the fight, the two hoodlums went to the other bank and peacefully sat next to each other.  The whites are blown out, so don’t stare too long or you’ll lose your vision.  Sorry.

There’s likely no bird in this picture, but this was the first cruise ship in Charleston Harbor this year.  It was even on the news.  I saw an older couple out with binocs looking over the salt marsh while I was taking pictures of those mergansers and I was curious what they spotted, but didn’t want to crowd them so I sauntered off a little ways.  I didn’t see anything…except the ship…huh. Shipwatchers, or shippers.