New Year’s Sea Fog

It’s a new year! For lots of people, it means time to take on new things, to improve upon some aspect of life. To me this time, it’s the calm before the storm! Relative calm, I suppose since I just caught up on blogging and photos.

Washing Away a Great 2010!

Yesterday being the first day of the New Year, we hit the beach in search of sea fog and found it!

Sea Fog at Breach InletSun and Sea Fog

The Clouds Break, but the Fog Thickens

The last day of the Old Year, we found some birds even against the hardest efforts of all the dogs on the beach! [There were so many! Chasing everything! I guess since it was a people holiday, it was a dog day as well!]

Did the gull swallow a melon?!

Mergansers at Pickett Bridge


A Female Bufflehead Diving

Snowy Egret Making a Splash!

A Yellow-rumped Warbler

Sorry that was quite the photo flood! I can’t resist just one more bird photo though:

Happy Second Day of the New Year!


Scenic Sunday Hunting Island

For more scenic photography, please visit SCENIC SUNDAY!

Hunting Island State Park is about 13 miles east of Beaufort, SC and has the only lighthouse in the state open to the public [which I didn’t know, so I didn’t go in, oops!].

We strolled down the trail and found this fellow having his lunch.

We also walked along the marshwalk.  On the state park’s website, they say that the Vietnam swamp scenes in Forrest Gump were filmed near by. 

We also walked down the fishing pier.  There are interpretive signs along the way that relate interesting facts about the ecosystem that surrounds you.  At the end of the pier we spotted this bufflehead with his mate.  She was taking her time, so she didn’t make it in this picture.

Hunting Island is a beautiful barrier island that has lush forests, and during the warm months, offers a good chance to see alligators [not unlike the rest of South Carolina!].  But because it’s a barrier island, it won’t remain unchanged, and the next large hurricane could wipe it clean.

This is on the north end of the island, where erosion typically occurs on barrier islands.

Alright, that was a lot of pictures!  Thanks for making it through and visiting!