Solitude, but Not Alone

Solitude, but Not Alone

Trying out a new way to post blogs, since I have so much trouble with the wordpress formatter. It will be interesting to see how it pans out with regard to SEO. To me, this manner lets me add more of a personal touch that I can tailor according to how much time I have. Hope you enjoy!

2014-3-29 Houda Point Post


Since there was no stratus deck in the way, we had to take advantage of the high clouds that lingered two day ago and catch the sunset. Even after packing dinner, driving to the chosen spot, driving back home to fetch a forgotten battery, and driving back to the spot, we had enough time to walk the beach a little before the show started.

As we walked around, we noticed a few other photographers. I wasn’t sure if they were locals or tourists [Trinidad is a fishing/bed and breakfast town], but most of them faded away before the sunset really got started.  The only things left on the beach were the dog walkers and some invertebrates drawing doodles in the sand.

The waves, relatively tame for the Pacific, splashed against the rocks as the tide pulled out. If they broke just right, they caught the sun like stained glass.

Although not the most spectacular sunset on this planet, somehow I and another photographer–by the looks a professional, managed to end up on the same small piece of sand.

As we both snapped shots, he would switch from one side of my husband and I to the other. I wanted to ask him if we should move, but he had headphones on. Hard to communicate that way.

I think in the end the pro landed in front of this rock, which looked really neat with the sand eroding around it. After he left, I began to pack up too and noticed the view he had.  I didn’t feel too bad about hogging the prime real estate then!

To see the set, please go to: Sunset at Trinidad on Flickr!