Fog-get About It!

Today I headed out with an elk antler and my hat. A thick, gray fog hid the crashing waves of the Pacific about 300 feet away. All that was visible were the elk and the dunes. The conversation about the elk antler eventually turned to my lack of coat and how hot it was in Lassen Volcano NP. I tried to steer the conversation back to elk, only to be met with the question, “Do they even give you coats??”

Recreation of today’s events, but with a coat last year.

I forget what summer is like for most people. Hot. Sticky. Blue skies, white clouds. Lightning bugs and cicadas.

For me, it’s cold fog, yellow-spotted millipedes, and elk calves.

At the 4th of July fireworks last year.

The fog is our summertime blanket. It insulates us from the dry heat and from normal summers. It provides a livable habitat for the Redwoods, who wouldn’t last long in dry air. Our summers are without rain, if you ignore the fog drip. Banana slugs and salamanders abound.

Fog and Redwoods, what could be better?!

For banana slugs and salamanders, their lives depend on staying moist. They can either seek shelter during the dry spells, or if they are lucky, thrive under the foggy gray blanket of summer. For Redwoods, estimates of up to 40% of their water intake over the summer can be attributed to the fog.

Banana slugs are better!

So, my memories of hot summers are drying up while the Redwoods are soaking up the fog drip. You can also hear them sigh in relief as fog rolls through the quiet forests.

Redwoods and foggy silence

And as an amazing finale, a 2 year compliation of fog in the great city of San Francisco:

—->> Click: 2 Years of Fog