Solitude, but Not Alone

Trying out a new way to post blogs, since I have so much trouble with the wordpress formatter. It will be interesting to see how it pans out with regard to SEO. To me, this manner lets me add more of a personal touch that I can tailor according to how much time I have. Hope you enjoy!

2014-3-29 Houda Point Post

5 thoughts on “Solitude, but Not Alone

  1. That’s an interesting solution to personalized formatting issues. Some people go self-hosted on their blog to increase the options, but I think your idea is easier, especially since you have experience with graphic design programs.

  2. Nice format. I do everything on an iPad, and often zoom in to examine a photo or read text without hunching. A tap on one photo above enlarged your entire piece to fill the screen just right.

    Beautiful photos. The Kingfisher has such a distinctive profile. And obviously the macroinvertebrates have aced their courses in early Anglo-Saxon and Celtic art.

  3. Works for me, too. And I discovered I can click on the jpg to load it by itself which allows me to expand it to the original size, thus getting larger print and images. I think as long as you remember to add tags, then search should find the posts just fine (not that I’m an expert.)

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