Smith River

I’ll admit, I don’t get to the north end of the park often enough. With a 30 mile drive to work and then 42 or more miles to the top of the park, I just don’t seem able to cover that much ground all that often [it would be 140+ miles round trip!].  So on the rare occasion I get up there, it is like another world, full of unknown plants and sights.

On a particularly grey and chilly weekend of mine, we decided to check out the South Fork of the Smith River east of the park in hopes to find heat and sun in which to thaw ourselves out. While it was decently sunny, it definitely wasn’t as warm as I hoped.

The Smith River is unique in that the rock that serves as the river bed, as hard as it is, allows for little sedimentation into the river itself, making the water nice and clear. Though I didn’t capture it in these shots, the river often takes a beautiful bluish-green hue when viewed from the right angle.

River Rocks


Down the South Fork


Flora unfamiliarus or Indian Pink [Silene californica]

Stealth shot in the riverbed cobble


Nice little roadside waterfall






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