Elk-cellent Time of Year

This time of year brings elk out of the woods. The females are calving [and can be really obnoxious–a safe viewing distance is a must!]. Last year’s calves, feeling the pains of growing up, are still begging their moms. This year’s calves are appearing, wobbly-legged and spotted and as cute as possible!

Elk Family Portrait

A family photo! A young male, called a ‘spike’ to the left; two young calves, the right one just a handful of hours old; and perhaps an old cow on the far right.


A cow probably carrying and almost ready to give birth. A 35 pound baby isn’t something I would look forward to having without modern medicine!


One thought on “Elk-cellent Time of Year

  1. Like the elk pix. Reminds me of two elk we saw at the side of the highway in Banff National Park 25 years ago. The kids christened them ‘Bull’ and ‘George’ on the spot.

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