Good Heavens, Slow Down!

Son of a Gun, Slow Down!

In between the general hubbub of getting ready in the morning with 6 pets who are doing their best theatrical representations of starving to death, coupled with a broken water heater, trying to straighten out plans for an upcoming trip back home, and writing 7 emails, I had in fact sat down originally to edit photos from the previous evening and I saw this quote scroll by on Facebook:

“You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day–unless you are too busy; then you should sit for an hour.”

So with that, I am going to write a blog post. About nothing. I feel like every time I sit to expound some grand idea into a post, it never gets finished, mostly because it leads to other tangents. My latest attempt, for example, is to pictorially represent the California Coast from peak to ocean, but it cascaded into my fight with Lightroom catalogs [turns out, my backup drives weren’t copying the lightroom edits!].

So, instead of doing all that for the time being, I present to you two sunset shots for your meditative pleasure. I feel better now.

Moonstone Sunset

5 thoughts on “Good Heavens, Slow Down!

    • No problem! Definitely with all that hard work you guys have been up to! It’s amazing to watch the transformation of your home, but good heavens, it looks daunting!

  1. Lovely, peaceful images. Thanks.

    BTW, since you have so much free time, you might want to check the blog I just started ;-)

    Bosque Bill’s Backroads:

    Kidding aside, it won’t take much time (even less if you just look at the pretty pictures) and I doubt I’ll be posting all that often.

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