On the Rocks…

A house on the water isn’t something often seen in the real estate listings here. In fact, the coastline is sparsely inhabited, thanks to meandering rivers, crumbling cliffs, and the threat of a 30 [or higher] foot tsunami knocking at your doorstep. Walking along this coast provides an entirely different feeling than that of walking along the beaches in Charleston.

Not better–or worse–but just different.  Instead of wondering what sloppy wet dog is going to jump on my camera next, or who is watching from what beach house as I poke at a half exposed whelk, here along the North Coast, we  are the watchers, pondering the crab boats’ next moves, cringing as people get too close to the surf [of what few people are out on the beaches anyway], and we sometimes debate evacuation routes in case of an earthquake-induced tsunami. Here, the landscape dominates, hiding people and civilization; in Charleston, it felt as if you could tell you were standing on a giant sphere [no flat-earth-theory-breaking-equations necessary], with multistory beach houses determining the look of the horizon.

I was surprised when, the first time on a local beach, I rounded a cliff corner during low tide to find no trespassing signs and a house precariously perched on a shelf just barely above the ocean. The view they must have during winter storms when the waves are huge! Woooweee!

House on the Rocks

Coming from the land of tornadoes, and having a weatherman for a husband, storms don’t seem near as scary as the threat of tsunamis and large earthquakes do.  Some days, the waves crashing on the beach rattle our house, a constant vibration that unnerves if you start thinking about it too much. I can’t even imagine living at that house! Just knowing in an instant the earth could shake so violently that your house might end up in the tidepools, and if that somehow doesn’t happen, then a succession of house-eating waves will come barreling towards you, giving you at most 5 minutes to find higher ground….ufff!

Makes you really ponder how strong your walls really are, whether they are made from straw, wood, or brick, Mother Nature seems to be entertained with knocking them down in some elaborate fashion every now and then.  I remember in Charleston wondering if I’d have to pack up the pets to sidestep an approaching hurricane. Here, the scenario is a bit different, to say the least. Definitely a different feeling!


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