A New Visitor: Pine Siskin!

At least, I think it’s a Pine siskin. I’ve never seen one before!


3 thoughts on “A New Visitor: Pine Siskin!

  1. Yes, that’s a Pine Siskin. I’m surprised you’ve not seen them before as they are not rare in No. Cal. as I recall. I remember seeing dozens of them in Mendocino at a store called, I think Papa Birds.

    They are in NM, but don’t come to my thistle feeder with any regularity. This past month I’ve seen a few several times along with the Lesser and American Goldfinches.

    • I am a little surprised, too. I remember looking them up last year, when someone else posted a photo of them farther to the east. That place you mentioned seeing them in Mendo is identical to here as far as habitat. Not sure what has changed, but I haven’t seen any chestnut-backed chickadees to speak of this year…Definitely odd, but hard to say what is normal after just two winters here!

      • I’ve learned during my 5 years back in the old house that species numbers can be quite variable. Some species are here every year without fail; others will be here one year, but not the next; others may be common one year and not seen again. All part of the fun.

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