Smoky Trinidad Sunset

A sunset the other evening yielded a smoky end to the day. We guessed that the smoke was from fires in Asia, but we weren’t sure. The tide was low and the waves small; the beach had more of an Atlantic feeling to it. The 60 degree temperatures on the coast were the main hint that it wasn’t the East Coast in July!

We’ve always walked, but now with a dog, we walk every day. While the thought of a dog walk brings up mental images of someone marching along with a dog pulling ahead on a leash, our dog walks aren’t usually that intense. More often than not, the dog ambles along sniffing things at her leisure, I’m setting up shots with my tripod and camera, and the hubster is somewhere in between making sure neither of us get in trouble. I think the best part of the walk is not accomplishing much besides a little exercise and hopefully a photo or two that come out decently.

We’ve become such a braggart and rushed society lately that we feel compelled to accomplish something drastic with our precious free time. I think a lot of good could come from just slowing down for a portion of the day, reflecting and enjoying the moments that pass instead of worrying that we aren’t doing something ‘productive’ or ‘worth posting’ on facebook. At a county park at which I used to work, an older gentleman would come and volunteer. He’d lead bird walks and walk around the marshes on his own. He did so at a very slow pace, sometimes spending hours out in the heat and mosquitoes. I met him as I returned from taking water samples. I asked how his morning had gone and if he had seen many people. He mentioned that everyone was in such a hurry, they were missing the best parts of the marsh. I couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed as I rushed off with the sample back to the Center. After leaving the state to come live in California, I noticed some news that he had found a caterpillar not previously photographed before. That made me smile.

I try to take in as much as I can in as little distance as I can lately. I don’t think I’ll make as impressive of a discovery as that fellow in the marshes did, but it’s nice to at least be aware of what’s around my feet and try to understand the natural processes that are occurring all around. I don’t expect everyone to do the same, but I think it would be beneficial to many for them to at least slow down and understand what’s going on in their own heads and hearts first before trying to conquer the whole world! A little ‘R and R’ won’t  prevent anyone from becoming the next brilliant mind or successful businessman, I suppose.


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