Wave Walkers

The sight of surfboards on top of cars is not an uncommon one here on the North Coast, even though the water is about as cold as death here.

When good surfing conditions fall on a weekend, a surfing frenzy breaks out. People line up to watch!

Surfers Waiting for the Next Set

There were a parade of people walking up and down the jetty watching the surfers and another photographer with a nice set up was trying to catch the action between bouts of catching his dog.

Last Leg of the Wave

Admittedly, I enjoy shots that the surfers themselves probably don’t enjoy as much. They make it look so easy that those regular surfing shots all come out the same, like they are standing effortlessly on the waves! My husband commented that they look bored. By the time I got my camera out and set up, most of the hard wipe outs were done and everyone was surfing perfectly, despite the crowded conditions.

All at Once

By the way, if you look closely in the above shot, you’ll see snow on one of the farther hills! Even though the waves were crowded with wet suit wearers, there was order in the chaos. If too many people went for one wave, those on the edges seemed to bail as was the case in the photo below.

Bailing Out...

Splat! The only one I caught camera-wise.

It seemed with such crowds that navigating the minefield of fellow surfers was usually the priority once the wave was caught.


Nice Day for a Wave

Even though there were some close calls, they all looked like they had a good time and no one lost their ears.  The biggest bonus, no sharks were fed!



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