Rainy Day Tide Pool

It was the second day of our ‘rainy season’ on which I discovered a ‘water-resistant’ jacket wouldn’t cut it.

I wasn’t brave enough to break out the camera during the hour we spent walking around in the rain. We found a nice dead fish, a chiton who had seen better days [days when he wasn’t being eaten alive by a snail and hermit crab], and some anemones that looked like they were trying to replicate the fall color change.

The giggling calls of black oystercatchers and black turnstones made the dreary beach a little more tolerable as we plodded under the falling rain drops. I snapped a couple of shots with the camera phone before we waved the white flag. I did get a decent shot of the chiton in his slow motion wriggling.  His mouth is toward the right. Even though they are herbivores by definition, they will eat whatever microorganism that fails to get out of the way. What a way to go, scooped up by a magnetite reinforced radula [think tongue covered in tiny teeth]!

The horizon was considerably lighter and so resident meteorologist decided that we could wait out the rain in the car, since we were soaking through and through. After listening to a somber local NPR piece about the battle for clean water, we were finally hit by the Sun’s rays and ventured back down the bluff to the pools.

The tide was coming back up and chasing away all the birds.  The crashing of the growing waves over the boulders and pebbles drown out the crashing of us over slippery rocks and boulders. I didn’t find the chiton or dead fish to photograph again, but we were being watched by a more lively crowd.

In the end, I’m not sure who watched whom more.











Rain-soaked rock.

Rain splatters

Last flock of Black Oystercatchers I saw.

An anemone looking good in stripes! I think it might be a Starburst anemone [from Shelter Cove].

It turned out to be a lovely end to the day.

A faint rainbow!

Thanks for looking! If you want to see more Palmer’s Point and Shelter Cove photos, they are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shainaniehans/sets/72157628078732406/


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