Sunsets Seldom Seen

Around these parts, the California North Coast, it is difficult to catch a good sunset. If you want to see one while in a redwood forest, you might have a better chance of spotting Bigfoot! The fog, or stratus layer, is usually what is blocking the view. The constantly rainy winters don’t offer much of a chance either.

I’ve managed to catch a couple sunsets, but not near as many as South Carolina, and a far, far cry from all of those spectacular ones in South Dakota!

Here are some North Coast California sunsets:

This one above was cheating…we drove to a point where we were above the fog. It was so gorgeous!

If you look closely, you’ll see that the sun is setting before it gets to the horizon. The stratus layer wasn’t visible out there until the sun sank below it. Sneaky fog!

Both the above shots were from Trinidad State Beach just the other day!


Even though clouds were in the way, this sunset at Agate Beach looked lovely!

Just moments before, the clouds weren’t there! Sneaky things!

Though technically not a sunset, the sun wasn’t seen again that day, so the small break in the clouds gave a sun-setting appearance at the North Jetty of Humboldt Bay.

Luckily, today is a really clear day. Provided it stays that way…I might have another chance at catching a sunset!



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