Fern Canyon

We hiked Fern Canyon today, nearly the most un-redwood part of the redwood parks.  I didn’t take any pictures, but our drive out to Fern Canyon was highlighted by a fellow, father of two young children apparently, who rode the whole road after the fee kiosk on the roof of his van, holding his legs in the air and whatnot…

Anyway, we hiked just a wee bit down the trail and found this lovely fellow:

It didn’t take long after watching the elk to find ferns. It did take longer than anticipated, though. The seasonal footplanks aren’t in yet…but we quickly came on this scene:

We admired the fern-clad canyon walls for a good while, or at least until we couldn’t take the mosquitos anymore.

All over the canyon–even in the water, were the cyanide millipedes. In the shot below, the one on the left has just newly hatched; the other is slighly older. Eventually, they will turn black with bright yellow spots.

Although the redwoods weren’t a feature of the loop trail, the Sitka spruce were very large!

After leaving the canyon, we went for a walk on Gold Bluffs Beach.

Yellow Sand Verbena

Not a bad walk to break in a pair of new shoes!

For more Fern Canyon photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shainaniehans/sets/72157626833813623/with/5831371595/


4 thoughts on “Fern Canyon

    • They did! Jurassic Park 2, I guess the scene where the fellow dives behind a log and is eaten by a bunch of compies[?].

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