Most people think of Zen as some type of amazingly calm and disciplined practice, not of the unusually confusing koans and proverbs that were created by the Buddhist tradition. A few examples:

“A beautiful woman who is pleasing to men is good only for frightening fish when she falls into the water”


“Let go over a cliff, die completely, and then come back to life — after that you cannot be deceived”

or that whole thing about one hand clapping…

These sayings are seemingly good for only producing confusion, much like the beach scene below is full of chaotic patterns that when considered seperately, leaving you with little piece of mind. How did the water create the ripple pattern in the sand? Why do clouds form? How do tide pools or riffles form? But, if you consider the scene as a whole, it has a lovely calming effect.  Beach Zen.


3 thoughts on “Zen

  1. Ah, and who can hear the sound of one beautiful- to-men woman scaring fish in the water?

    I wandered over hear from Katie’s Nature ID. Thanks for the lovely pictures. I’ll try to come back when I shouldn’t be doing something else!

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