Sunrise in Fall

While not technically the actual sunrise since the Gulf Stream’s warmer water creates small cumulus clouds, the sun rose on another warm day in South Carolina.  A light fog hangs on the horizon.  It’s a little confusing living in a subtropical climate, with the temperatures and peak leaf color making it feel more like October than late November.

The same tree is in both photos. I haven’t taken the time to look it up, but I am surprised that it’s more colorful than the ubiquitous sweetgums. In Indiana the sweetgums are usually the eye-poppers, while here they are ho-hum, a little dull and lacking the spectrum that these ash-like trees have.

Still seems strange to have palms  in a Fall shot.  There will be green all year round, though the shade of green depends on the season. Spring offers more vibrant hues that change into deep, mature greens for the rest of the year.


4 thoughts on “Sunrise in Fall

  1. Beautiful photographs, Shaina! Wonderful post!! That tree is a Chinese Tallow. Around here it’s always referred to as a popcorn tree. They are nuisance trees but they sure do look pretty in the fall! :)

  2. Thank you Beverly! And thanks for the ID help as well! Bummer that it is a non-native, but it is definitely a beautiful tree. :)

  3. These are beautiful pictures! I came this >< close to going to grad school in your area, but the summer humid heat overwhelmed me. Nice to see other aspects of your area.

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