Eco-Message Buried in the Fair

If you read the title, it’s obvious there was some environmentally-themed message in this county fair. But I’ll hold on to that and instead take you on a quick tour.

For a county fair, it was impressive. There were millions of fair food stands, all the usual rides, and oddly, booths to see the ‘World’s Smallest Woman’ and ‘World’s Smallest Horse’. There was the 4-H building [no pies though] and all those games with the harassing attendants.

There was a petting zoo with the friendliest goats I have ever seen and the agriculture building with livestock that was amazing cute.

My husband says he wants a baby goat [it would probably break our all-rescues streak].

This fellow looked like a cross between a dog and a cow with those long droopy ears. Cute, but very shy.

It was fairly warm the day we visited [85 in late October!] and it appeared this mother rabbit had enough. She was panting hard, but still had kicked out the babies to sit in the comfortable hay nest.

Happy Muddy Love!

Alrighty, out of the Agribarn!  The first thing we found was the ‘Sea Lion Show’. I know! What in the world is a Sea Lion show doing at the fair in SC?? I was hoping it wasn’t like the ‘World’s Smallest’ gimmicks and I was pleasantly surprised!

Put on by, this show was short, but very well done and entertaining for all.

The sea lions performed very well, delivering the message that sea lions in the wild are beached for three different reasons, one of which is plastic entanglement. To take home the point that we humans should get our acts together, a piece of plastic was fetched and recycled by one of the savvy lions.  

While I thought it was a good take home message, it would have hit harder to mention that other animals, ones found locally, are at risk of entanglement as well.

Bearing that in mind, have you cut your yogurt cups, peanut butter jars, and other plastic containers that could trap an animal’s head? Even if you recycle them, there is the chance that they could fall off the truck and the smells inside are very tempting for many creatures.  Humans shouldn’t let squirrels take home plastic!


Coastal County Fair:


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