Scenic Sunday

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A Blue and Gold Field

The Blue-Eyed Grass in this picture is related to Blue Flag [wild iris, which hopefully I’ll get a picture of soon!] and not actually related to grass…Read more on Blue-Eyed Grass

I’ve kind of fallen off the photography horse these past couple weeks [most noticibly in the Sepia Scenes realm], but I’m getting back on because I *finally* got my camera back!  Actually, it’s a whole new camera…even a different model, so I took it for a spin today…it was a short spin since I didn’t want to blow into the harbor!

I took my D60 in to get cleaned, and they cleaned it too well, as did they with my telephoto lens, too. So I sent them back to be repaired and it took a couple weeks for the parts to come in, but the camera and lens were beyond being fixable, I guess. The store wanted to be nit-picky about my longer lens not being covered, but they agreed to replace it as well…now only if I could get my filters back that were on the lenses… :P


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