I’On Swamp Trail


I’ve been getting a lot of hits on my blog about the Ion Swamp Trail so I went today to check out the conditions.

Flooded Trail in January. High and mostly dry now!

It’s fully passable, just muddy in a few spots and there’s a breach in the dike where you have to walk over some small branches, but the mosquitoes weren’t awful and the birds are very active!  There were a few deerflies around the parking area and at some of the more clear points of the trail. 

We spotted a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, a Prothonotary Warbler, a recently-emerged dragonfly, and a few herps.

There were a few trail guides at the kiosk interpreting the rice field history and explanation of the name of the swamp as well as the confusion with the name.

To get there: Take Highway 17 North towards Georgetown. I’on Swamp Rd is almost directly across from the Sewee Visitor and Environmental Education Center [neat place to visit, I think they are still open despite what Google Maps says], but 100 yards or so before if you are coming from the south. Highway 17 is a divided highway and there is an median access directly across from I’On Swamp Rd, which is on the left.  The road curves here, so it’s not too hard to miss. Once on I’On Swamp Road, drive about 2 miles on the gravel road, passing two roads on your left and one on the right [although it’s on a curving-left so you might not see it]. The parking lot for the Ion Swamp Trail will be on the left side.


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