Scenic Sunday Middleton Place Benches

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These two benches can be found in the lovely azalea- and camellia-filled gardens of the Middleton Place Plantation. Started in the mid 1700s, the well-planned gardens on the Ashley River, 16 miles northwest of Charleston on Highway 61, recall an extraordinary history of residents and events, from colonial times to the modern day. Very much worth a day’s visit.

Dogwoods in Bloom along a Reflection Pool

A Bench outside the Restaurant



4 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday Middleton Place Benches

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  2. This does indeed look like a wonderful place to visit and enjoy. I love the movement of the tree in the 2nd photo against the stillness of everything else.

  3. Thank you both! I do like the second one better, too, because of the straight lines contrasting the tree. The plantation is so beautiful, but it’s also so spacious and grand that it’s hard for me to fit it into a composition. A couple aerial shots would have been fantastic! ;)

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