White Sepia Scenes

For more sepia photography, please visit Sepia Scenes!

I really like the way sepia works on whites.  The dewberry flower above looks subdued in sepia since the white isn’t glaring as it is in color. Dewberrries are related to blackberries and are in the rose family [Rosaceae]. The berries can be used in jellies, used in wines, or eaten raw and the leaves can be steeped in tea.  Just a note, if you find and decide to try dewberries, keep in mind that the ubiquitous seeds do work well as a laxative…

More white subjects can be found in the slideshow below.  They were taken either at Caw Caw Interpretive Center, like the one above, or at Middle Place Plantation, both locations being within 20 miles of Charleston, SC.

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For more information on South Carolina’s Wildflowers, see A Guide to the Wildflowers of South Carolina by Richard Porcher and Douglas Rayner.


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