Sepia Scenes Dogging Boats

For more Sepia photography, check out Sepia Scenes!

My camera was really dirty…multiple spots on the sensor and probably enough dirt and dust inside to make a sandcastle.  Unfortunately, I took it to Best Buy, who ships it off for cleaning, but at least it was ‘covered’.  About a week has passed, about another week to week and a half to go…I’m not sure I can make it!!!

Here are some semi-recent photos from around the lowcountry:

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Maybe one of the most news-covered cruise ships of all time, the Mercury finally made it out of Charleston Harbor today! This picture was taken around February 15th before it’s first voyage.  It went out three seperate times only to return with a legion of norovirus-striken vacationers. Here’s an article from today about the ship: Cruise Ship Finally Kicks Norovirus

This is one of the competitors of the Dock Dogs competition held during the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition held in Charleston in February.  Most of the dogs seem to love the jumping, but there were a couple that passed on the splash.  Dogs compete based on distance jumped, how fast they can make it to the other end of the pool, and height, with each category requiring a different jump. Below is the color version that I can resist posting.

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11 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes Dogging Boats

  1. The mood. You captured the mood in that first shot of the cruise ship. Nice work. Why not wander about without your camera and take pictures in your mind while you wait.

    • I have done a bit of wandering sans camera. Have mental pictures of a tiny wild orchid and baby alligators. I’m hoping they are still there when I get the camera back!

  2. The dog seems impressive in sepia – it seems that landing in the water and shaking the water off, the sepia has a feeling of motion even more in sepia, and I can’t say why. The dog looks forlorn, but I think he enjoys the attention!

  3. Thanks for all the comments! Never thought of the dog as forlorn or sad, but he does have that on his face. Could be performance anxiety, too! :)

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