Sepia Scenes: Daffodils Say Spring

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Frills Keep away the Chills

On the Fence

Daffodil Face

Toward the Sun

Thanks for visiting! Spring’s coming soon!!!


9 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes: Daffodils Say Spring

  1. These are lovely sepia scenes…not sure which I like best. And why do we always try to choose a favorite…I always feel like I have to choose.

  2. These are beautiful!
    All of them are wonderful but I really like the first and the last. :)
    I like the first for its soft romantic feel and I like bare tree branches in color, sepia, or B&W!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Daffodil face is so sweet…I also am yearning for spring to arrive.

    I’m with Rose..somehow I always feel like I need to choose a favorite.

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