Scenic Sunday IOP Style

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Hello All!  Missed last week, catching up this week. 

Have you ever seen those black and white oval place stickers, the ones with abbreviations for famous, or not so famous, places?  I guess they started out as “International Country Codes”, like ES for Spain, etc, but they’ve of course spread all over the United States. 

Famous ones like OBX for the Outer Banks and HHI for Hilton Head Island can be seen on the backs of many cars, but around here I’ve seen IOP.  IOP? I thought? ‘International Oceanic Paradise’ is the best I could come up with at first.  I was off.  Isle of Palms sounds like a road name, but it’s an actual island with palms strategically planted along all the roadsides.  It’s considered the “college” beach hotspot, so we’ve been trying to get our time in on it now before Spring Break comes around. 

Here are some scenic IOP sights for you, without all the party goers!

Someone’s lost feather.  I hope they aren’t missing it too much!

An osprey looking for fish…or his feather!

Love, in Isle of Palms Fashion [aka what my bored husband does while I take a picture of a seagull]

The ‘Magic Hour’ of Light on the Sand

Sunset on the south end of IOP

Thanks for visiting and thanks for the fantastic comments you all left previously! I need to be better about responding to those.


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