Sepia Scenes of Snow in South Carolina!

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It snowed here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina–something that happens about once every ten years.  Though this wasn’t a record snowfall, it was enough to break plenty of branches. 

This is looking over a salt marsh towards the Ben Sawyer Bridge [under construction, hence all the lights].  I guess they worked on that bridge even while it snowed.

This is the old bridge that went to Sullivan’s Island.  Everything was plastered with snow and a little ice.  The wind didn’t help with long exposures, seemingly blowing only after I pressed the remote shutter release…

Palm trees don’t do well with snow. In fact, they look silly in the snow.  This was taken at 3:30 in the morning; luckily, no one was awake so there was no traffic and I could stand in the middle of the slushy road without worry.

I would have loved to get into downtown Charleston for some snow pictures, but there’s a large bridge in the way.

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5 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes of Snow in South Carolina!

  1. These are fantastic sepia images, especially the 1st one – I love that shot! I hope everyone will enlarge it to see the detail in it – I really like how some of the branches are blurred & some are clear! Great capture!

  2. Thanks all! I do like the first one, too. I think that might have been the only time the wind cooperated well. The last one I tried to soften some, but golly darn I didn’t see the powerlines. I think if they weren’t there it could have seems 1800s-esque. I tried for a good snow covered palm tree shot, but they move too much in the wind.

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