Sepia Charleston

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We galvanted in down town Charleston a few days ago.  It’s amazing to see the contrast between old and new, cutting edge and antique, popular culture and historic all packed into this one city.  You see fashionistas parading around the newest styles, older generations trying to solve the mystery of iPhones [“It’s one of those new wireless phones”] and all those sweetgrass baskets reflecting slavery’s past that are bought up to adorn someone’s house in another state.  A beautiful city full of contrasts.

I am fond of architecture that gives the eye a lot to look at.

My husband came down the stairs and proclaimed “I think it’s plastic!”.  Crystal or plastic, I’m still sure it weighs a lot.  Click to enlarge the photo if you like!

Finally got to go down this path.  It winds for a while and even offers a place to rest:

At the end, there’s the final resting place.  There are certainly a lot of graveyards around here!

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12 thoughts on “Sepia Charleston

  1. The antebellum styles of Charleston and the Low Country is amazing, grand and styled with beautiful details. I would like to visit someday, preferably when it is cold up here. Thinking of sightseeing and oceanic treats like wonderful shrimp. Lovely!

  2. Charleston is a beautiful place and has withstood the test of time as your images clearly show.
    What I really like about your series of sepia is that nothing takes away from thinking that they couldn’t have been taken years ago. Just what sepia should do.
    Lovely shots!

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