Daniel Island

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I think the Lowcountry of South Carolina is probably one of the greatest places for anything Halloween in the country.  Really old live oaks decorated with ghostly spanish moss loom over centuries old cemetaries. 

This was down a little trail on Daniel Island.  The monument is dedicated to one person, but there are others around.

Moved because of the Expressway

I think it’s amazing to see what would have been a very expensive gravemarker for the day [nicely carved marble] sitting in the middle of the woods, on the ground, with no visitors.  Well, I’m sure someone visits, but it’s funny to think of all the time, effort, thought, and skill put into gravestones.  I feel like they are undervalued or overlooked often.  It’s a good place to pause and think about your life, your impending death, and what this person’s life might have been like.  A good mediation on predecesors.

Not sure I would have wanted to live on this big island by myself like some of these folks did.  I think I’d be lonely.

Even this little guy is a little spooky!  :)

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Island

  1. These are wonderful photos of the old gravestones here on Daniel Island. Thanks so much for sharing! I haven’t seen these in quite a while and this blog post inspired me to put on my walking shoes and revisit these sites. Thank you!

    • Thank you for taking a look! Such a beautiful place! It’s amazing to see such a large area that is so well taken care of. I’m glad the developers kept so much natural beauty around.

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