Sepia Scenes Exploration Place

For more Sepia Scenes, go HERE!

This is the Exploration Place in downtown Wichita, KS, on the Arkansas River.  It is a museum of sorts that encourages hands-on exploration and investigation of science for all ages.  A really neat place to visit, maybe taking three hours or less to go through.   Click here for more:

Please click to enlarge!

And here’s the color:

Thanks for visiting and thanks for all the wonderful comments!


9 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes Exploration Place

  1. Both are nice, but the sepia shot is lovely! Without distractions of color, the simple yet elegant form just stands out more in the monochrome. Just a beautiful expression of style, and this includes the photographer’s work!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comments! I’m sorry I didn’t provide any more information than I did! Inlaws were in town! It is a very fun museum. The sepia is a great way to show off all the interesting lines; it’s amazing to think a lot of people regard this building as an eyesore!

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  3. That is a gorgeous shot you captured…I actually like them both!
    Thanks for your nice comments to me at my horsey place!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours~

  4. Beautiful night time image and reflection. My eye was caught by the glow that lifts up to the night sky from the back side of the building. Merry Christmas.

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