Scenic Sunday: Sunsets Are Seldom the Same

It’s Scenic Sunday again!  I’ve gone with a sunset theme, and couldn’t pick just one picture. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!  As always, click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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Sun and Ice

Badlands Burning Clouds

Sinking Badlands Sun

It doesn’t matter where you are; to get a good sunset, you need the sun, some clouds, and a good view to the West!

Some crepuscular wildlife hoping around during sunset.  This is One Eyed Jack, a desert cottontail that lived in the Badlands over this past summer.  He had a rough little life and started out as a wee one that met some hungry predator with poor aim.  Jack roamed around and, amazing us all, made it into late summer with his one good eye.  This is the last time I saw him.  We had a report of a child picking him up outside the Visitor Center, which is where this picture was taken the night before that report, and we never saw him again.  Either someone took him home [can you imagine taking a WILD animal out of a National Park???  Two years ago, I confiscated a juv. swallow from some visitors that were taking him back to Chicago from YELLOWSTONE! wow!] or Jack and his one good eye couldn’t keep away from the Great Horned Owl below. 

Great Horned Owl with a Perfect Perch


6 thoughts on “Scenic Sunday: Sunsets Are Seldom the Same

  1. COMPLIMENTS……..ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PICTURES and also the bunny is superlovely….!
    I just took a look at your last posts….AMAZING shots!!!!
    have a great weekend!
    see you again!
    elvira ciao!!

  2. Wonderful sunset photos, I can understand why you couldn’t pic just one. They are are beautiful. The bunny is cute and I can not imagine taking any wildlife from a national park. I have heard stories of people taking mountain lion cubs. Can you imagine. I would love to see the Great Horned Owl in the open. I have only had obstructed views of the great horned owl.

  3. nice Badlands sunset…i love the u-shaped landscape, it’s a nice kind of frame. Jack, aw, what a cutie. I HOPE hope hope someone didn’t leave with him. hopefully he’s doing just fine and moved territories :) great shots. I love the Badlands, such a cool spot!

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