Grandma’s Chili!

Here is a simple Chili recipe that my Grandmother started me on.  She does it the midwestern way–adding spaghetti noodles while the chili simmers, but this recipe is the ‘western’ way, noodle-less and a little spicy. 

[Just a note: If you have never tried ground turkey before, when you brown it, it will look like it’s turning into a mass of goo.  Magically, it turns back into ground pieces.  Still have yet to figure out this mystery!]


• 1 lb ground turkey     ~Brown with garlic to taste.   Drain off fat, or keep it in. Either way.

• 2 cans Bush’s Chili beans

• 2 cans diced tomatoes [Rotel with green chilis work well, but add spice!]

• 2   5 oz cans V8

• 2 V8 cans full of water

• 1 tbs chili powder [if you want a little more kick, add 2 tbs instead of one]

• 1 tbs cumin [ditto from above]

• 1/2 tbs garlic powder

Salt and pepper to taste. 

Add above ingredients, including browned meat, to a large pot and simmer until thoroughly heated [or until pasta is cooked].  Add cheese, sour cream, whatever you like to eat your chili with!  Reheats nicely.  Makes six servings.


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