Sepia Scenes Kansas Sunsets

Ice on Cheney Lake, Kansas

Just for kicks, here’s the color version!

Click on it to see the large! 

For more sepias, click


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10 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes Kansas Sunsets

  1. I like the first image. Why? Because the rocks and the branch in the foreground frame the image nicely and give it a sense of scale. I also like the lighting on the rocks. Helps emphasize the dark middle ground.

  2. Thank you! It’s nice to know the WHY of someone liking a picture.

    I find it a little difficult to ‘ground’ sunsets. The color capturing overrides the composition-making and then it’s just a colorful sky, and nothing else…

  3. Sunset are really good to look at and I love the colors they make. To do it in Sepia make it come alive in a different way.

    The ice sunset I like best the bottom one where you can see more of the ice.

    Merry and a happy Christmas with a lot of golden sun,
    Maria Berg, Sweden

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