Moist Citrus Cake – Sunshine in a Pan

I don’t have any pictures to accompany this post since I made this a couple weeks ago and am just now getting around to posting it.  This one is a really quick crowd pleaser that brings sunshine to a cloudy, cold day. 


• 1 package yellow cake mix

• 4 eggs

• 3/4 c cooking oil

• 3/4 c water

Mix well and bake in a long pan.  Or, just follow the directions on the box!  The 4 eggs will add a significant amount of cholesterol, etc. to the cake.


• 2 c powdered sugar

• 3 tbs lemon juice

• 2 tbs lime juice

• 2 tbs butter

• 2 tbs water

Mix together well.  Should be slightly runny.

Add to cake by either poking holes with a long fork all the way to the pan and then pouring over cake, just don’t poke too many or you’ll lose the integrity of the cake!  Or you can pour over the top and continually spread it with a spatula to the top until it hardens. 

Wasn’t that easy??!


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