Scenic Sunday Snow Degrees

First, I want to start out apologizing for some of your wonderful comments that manage to get themselves in the Spam Box!  Sorry about that!  You all leave wonderful comments and that just isn’t the place for wonderful comments like that!  I’ll be more vigilant about checking in the future!

Now to the Scenics.  Since some areas of the United States are getting snow and many are seeing VERY cold temperatures, I thought I’d go with the theme. 

I bet this Badlands formation is one of the most photographed: it sits right outside the Ben Reifel Visitor Center!  You walk out the front door and this is the view you are greeted with!  Wonderful, eh?!

These are three pictures with varying degrees of snow.  They were taken on the same day or over two days, I don’t remember, but I do remember the snow melted quickly that time! 

For more Scenic Scenes, CLICK HERE!

~Click on each picture to enlarge it~

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