Monkeying around with Sepia

Alright, so it’s a chimpanzee!  These were taken at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, KS. 

It’s a little hard to stare at something in a cage that is so close to what we are.  He looks very thoughtful in this picture, but in the next few that I took, he has his tongue out and mouth open!  Haha!   For more SEPIA SCENES, click here!

I don’t think this is the same fellow, but it’s too good to not put up!

Chimp sans pipe 

This one reminds me of a James Dean picture, although, I don’t think he had celery in his mouth!

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2 thoughts on “Monkeying around with Sepia

  1. This guy seems about right in sepia. The monochrome softens his attitude a bit, giving him a thoughtful (sort of) look. Not an intellectual, but a thinking simian…

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