I missed a few posts…

Sorry about that!

It’s the ‘off-season’ for this little seasonal ranger, and even though life takes some turn every six months or less, we’ve managed to hit a very uncertain and up-in-the-air time.  We’ve been debating moving apartments, moving cities, and career modifications [hey, even though you bleed green and grey, you need something to do in the off season!], so I really can’t tell you what will happen in the next two months.  Have you ever had that feeling where it’s all so up in the air that the best you can do it not think about it?  I’m there, and I can’t sort anything out yet. 

Oddly, we’ve been looking for relaxing things to do to clear our minds, so we’ve been going to the Sedgewick County Park a lot to feed the geese and ducks.  I think all the noise and ruckus drowns out any deep thoughts you could possibly have. 

The last one is actually from the Deam Wilderness in Indiana.  It’s odd, being a federally designated wilderness with a road going right through the middle of it!  But that would be eastern wilderness designations for you!  Have to bend the rules a little, since western wilderness and eastern wilderness are two slightly different things…all population dependent, of course!

Alright, that’s all for now; it’s 3 am and grapefruit juice isn’t sitting well this late…yikes!


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