Sepia Scenes…Goose Eyes

Went to the Sedgewick County Park today to feed the ducks and geese.  There is one pond in particular that all these fowl visit, probably because people feed them and it’s become habitual.  There are the usual mallards, a wood duck or two, a colony of coots, a swarm of shovelers, lots of Canada geese, and all these tall, loud, pushy geese from the genus Anser and whatnot.  The goose in this picture is an Embden goose, a domestic European breed.  They can get up to 30 lbs!

I am going to include a color photo though because, despite being a loud, pushy, intimidating bird, this goose has beautiful blue eyes!

Thanks for all your wonderful comments!  For more marvelous Sepias, CLICK HERE!  :)


6 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes…Goose Eyes

  1. It is a beautiful goose. I like geese, although you’re right, they are loud and sometimes pushy and intimidating. It looks good in sepia, too. The first shot is quite arresting!

  2. That is a really compliant bird. The white down and yellow bill are beautiful but brilliant. The sepia tones down the excitement of color and lets us see the fine style of this lovely waterfowl…

  3. I really like the photos in sepia, but I am really glad that you included one in color. The contrasting orange and blue really does make for a stunning display. I can’t believe that the goose let you get that close to get such a great close up.
    I can’t believe that they get up to 30 lbs! Yikes!
    If you’d like to stop by my blog I’m at Cake Crumbs.

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