Scenic Sunday Badlands Flashback

It’s Sunday again!!! [Well, almost!] If you would like to see more Scenic Sunday pictures, click HERE!

Sheep Mountain

This is at the ‘top’ of Sheep Table Mountain.  Or Sheep Mountain Table.  Anywho, it’s a large sod table, the biggest in Badlands National Park, meaning it’s younger than the Badlands formations, but also made from them.  When the formations were taller, they eroded and down went the sediment, stacking up over time.  Once that eroded sediment started to erode itself, you get Sheep Table. 

This place looks different than most places in the park because of its slightly different composition.  It is also considered a sacred site to the Lakota, being a place of one of the last ghost dances.  The sod table is also half on National Park property and half on National Park property run by the Lakota and the Pine Ridge Reservation.


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