Scenic Sunday

Just left South Dakota and visited in Colorado for a few days.  Now trying to get settled back into Wichita.  Passed by Garden of the Gods on our way to Woodland Park in Colorado.  Not a fan of all the concrete and fences there, but the red beds are pretty neat.  The formation is called the Fountain Formation and it runs up and down the Front Range.  It is a deposit left from rivers and floods that came off the ancestral Rockies some 200 million years ago.  If you look closely, you will often see crossbedding and places were ancient stream channels ran and deposited this course sandstone.

Fountain and Pikes

The red beds are in the foreground and Pikes Peak is in the background.  If you look to the right, you’ll see a window in the rock, and if you use your imagination, you’ll see what they call the ‘Kissing Camels’.  I never once could picture them when I was little, but they’re pretty obvious to me now.

For other Scenic Pictures, click below:


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