Sepia Scenes


I found a couple rattlesnakes the other day and moved them off the road.  Of course, when a ranger and a rattlesnake are in the middle of the road, traffic stops.  I did manage to find some snakes without attracting crowds, so I got some really nice pictures.  From the looks of it, the snakes weren’t very appreciative of my efforts, but oh well.  Hopefully they made it to their hibernation dens before the cold came again.  Who would have thought that they use the same hibernation den for all of their lives?  And that the mothers pass it on to the young?  That’s a lot of snakes in one place!

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8 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes

  1. The snake has a magnificent style, he is looking inquisitive if a bit perturbed at all the attention. Sure he doesn’t appreciate your efforts here, but the hibernation awaits and perhaps he will feel better after his Winter ‘nap’. Nice capture!

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