Sepia Scenes Wednesday

Thanks for all the comments last week and thank you very much for visiting.  I try to get to all your sites, but I rarely leave comments.  Sorry about that!  Big field trip tomorrow.  60 kids travelling 2 hours to get here, just to hike in the freezing cold, muddy Badlands.  I hope we can make it worth their visit! :)

I often wonder if the little formations are jealous of the larger ones, knowing that their time is much shorter than those that loom higher.  It’s almost depressing in a way: what took 10 to 15 million years to pile up is being eroded at an inch a year and all over the park you can find formations that are almost at the end, no harder rock above to keep them from washing down to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Badlands and clouds

For more lovely scenes in sepia, visit:


7 thoughts on “Sepia Scenes Wednesday

  1. Very, very beautiful. Landscapes don’t always look better in sepia, this one however takes on so much texture and personality it belongs in sepia!
    Great find for this week. Hope you enjoyed your trip. And I hope that you don’t freeze while you’re there!
    If you’d like to stop by my blog I’m at Cake Crumbs.

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