McFarthest Middle of Nowhere

Alright, take a look at that link and then come back here. 

Thankyee for coming back!  I personally think that is something cool and honorific to be living in a state where the nearest McDonalds is a good drive away, too far for lunch in most cases.  From here, Badlands National Park, it would be around 70 miles.   But it also suggests that any good produce is that far, too, and indeed, it is. 

Anyway, just thought I’d share that. 

I’ll also share that there was a wonderful sight all day today that I got to share with a bunch of hunters and a bus full of senior citizens; bighorn sheep decided to wander around the base of the formations all day today, in perfect view of our wonderfully large windows. 

 It was a real delight to announce over the PA system that there are bighorn sheep out front and to watch people pour out of the theater to see them one minute before the movie started.  

It was also nice to show them to two ladies to whom I had to tell they couldn’t bring their cute little dog in to the visitor center.   The lady and the dog both seemed to frown when I told them, but they were very happy once they found the sheep in the binoculars, climbing up the sandcastlesque and ancient formations.  Well, I suppose the dog didn’t care, but he didn’t mind being petted.  :)

It was a nice day!


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