A Late Sepia Wednesday

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has commented.  I have tried to get to all your blogs, too, and I must say there is some fabulous camera work out there!

I spent all of today, from 9:30am to 6:00pm in Rapid City today.  Subarus’ take a long time to fix!  It was good to spend some time with a very cheerful, wonderful lady, though!

Alright, to the picture.  I dug a little for this one.  It was taken with my old camera, so there is a date stamp.  It’s just a neat picture because it’s how most people picture the deep south.  It was taken at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge near Starkville, MS.  No swimming in this water!

Alligators and Cypress

Alligators and Cypress

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3 thoughts on “A Late Sepia Wednesday

  1. This wonderful picture speaks strongly of past merging with present. Clearly, it is a modern picture because of the date stamp, but, its feeling of age and timelessness gives me the feeling that at any moment, a boatman will appear from amidst the sunken trees.

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